Osteen Construction, LLC

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Owners: Kevin Osteen
Address: 4637 Guild Trail, Chattanooga, TN 37409
Phone: 423.509.3026
At Osteen Construction, education and involvement in our community has honed our focus and skill. Energy efficient renovations and additions are thoughtfully designed to make your home more functional, valuable, and comfortable. As a means to further improving your home, we’ve structured our own SmartHomes Weatherization System. With this system in place, we can not only determine the most effective means of lowering your operating costs, but we can help you save money without having to dramatically change the way you live. Osteen Construction is well-equipped to work on existing homes and takes exceptional pride in restoring the historical homes in our fair city. We do everything from basic repairs to building splendid additions. We are committed to the conservation of our resources, land, and communities. Improving existing homes through energy-efficient renovations and additions, and lowering the operating costs of these homes with our unique weatherization system, is fundamental to that commitment.