Obviously, if you have an emergency right now, you're probably not reading this web page: you're calling 911! Good for you. Our local fire department is just down the street and they can get to you FAST! If you have a medical situation, the fire department will almost always be the "first responder" on the scene if you call 911.

The Police used to be a little closer at hand with a precinct in the Southside Recreation Complex. Oh well... long story. Reports of their response time vary from excellent to the opposite, presumably depending on what else they have going on. If you have a non-emergency, you can call them at 423-698-2525.

If you have questions you want to ask the police about what's going on the in the neighborhood or want to comment on some aspect of neighborhood safety or crime, there is often a representative of the department at the monthly CAHSE meeting.

One last thing: we have an annual Chili Dinner the first or second (in election years) Monday of November at the Rec Center and invite the police and fire deparments. Put it on your calendar!