Trash pickup in St Elmo is on Friday. If Friday is Christmas Day, they will pick up Saturday. Otherwise it's always Friday. Have your herbie-kerbie out by 7:00 am - they start early! If you have any other questions about garbage, go to the City of Chattanooga website.

Recycling is picked up every other Monday. You have to sign up for it! Go to the City of Chattanooga website to sign up. You will receive a blue recycling container. The blue containers are "single stream", so you can put much of your recycling in there, including paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminum and steel cans, but NO glass. If you want to recycle your glass, motor oil, light bulbs, batteries or computers, you need to go to a "convenience center". The most convenient one to St Elmo is around the mountain in Tiftonia at the Patten Recreation Complex. There is also one at Warner Park off 3rd St by the zoo. The pickup schedule, convenience center hours, and lots of other information is available on the City of Chattanooga website. Please Recycle!!!

Brush, leaves, furniture, appliances: for most of these, currently you need to call 311 to request a pickup. If you don't, you might get a citation! You can literally call 311 from your land line. Cell phone users may need to call 423-425-6311. Email: Facebook Or download the 311 app. More information, including the link to the app, is available on the City of Chattanooga website.