This section will provide an overview of the various situations where you need help from various entities that may include City of Chattanooga Animal Control, McKamey Animal Care & Adoption Center, or possibly other entities. However, we're going to have to find the right person who has a handle on all of the details before we can publish this important information!

If you are having trouble with squirrels, possums or raccoons, you may be on your own, or your neighbors may have some quasi-legal suggestions.

It is true that coyotes and bobcats have been allegedly sighted in St Elmo. We have pictures to prove it!

Information about city pet licenses:



Your city pet license allows pets to be identified so that McKamey Animal Services officers can bring them back home the first time they are lost. Pet licenses are required by law for every dog and cat over the age of three (3) months in the city of Chattanooga. The City of Chattanooga requires that proof of spay/neuter be provided by your veterinarian or a current rabies vaccination certificate. City licenses are effective from January 1 to December 31 during the year of issuance. The McKamey Animal Center is the official animal control agency of the city of Chattanooga. City pet licenses are one of the ways that the Center is funded to help over 8,000 homeless animals that come into our care yearly.

  • License fees: $10/dog or cat
  • Good from Jan to December 31: late fee of $20 after February 1 of each year.
  • Senior Citizen 65 and over: 3 free licenses if altered (spayed/neutered)
  • Unaltered dog or cat license: $50 each